About the Windsor Housing Authority

The Windsor Housing Authority (WHA) is a public agency that helps people who meet income and other eligibility guidelines secure affordable, safe and quality housing in the Town of Windsor.
The Town of Windsor Housing Authority was created by the Town of Windsor following the chartering provisions as described under Colorado law and are "exempt from taxation" under  29-4–227 C.R.S.  
We are governed by a board of five commissioners, all of whom are from our community and have been appointed by the Windsor Town Board.
The WHA will operate in a non-profit manner with no personal gain accruing to the members of the Authority, officers, except for professional service authorized and rendered; also, to operate and maintain the housing as economically as possible.
It shall be the policy of the WHA that all action taken by members of the Housing Authority and officers shall, at all time conform to the purposes stated in the charter and bylaws and all applicable state laws and ordinances of provisions stated by USDA Rural Development.