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Affordable Housing in Windsor, CO

The Windsor Housing Authority is a public agency that helps people who meet income and other eligibility guidelines, secure affordable, safe and quality housing in the town of Windsor. We currently offer two individual housing units including Windsor Meadows Apartments and Century III Apartments for those over 62 and disabled individuals.

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider

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Windsor Meadows

Windsor Meadows is an 80-unit housing community, newly built in 2014 & 2016.

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Century III Apartments

Century III Apartments are a 72-unit housing complex for adults 62+ & disabled individuals.

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*The Windsor Housing Authority – is partnering with the Loveland Housing Authority (LHA) to develop affordable housing options in Windsor.  The LHA mentors and helps smaller housing authorities as part of their mission to provide and maintain obtainable housing.  By partnering with the LHA, the WHA can utilize their experience, expertise, services and partner network to provide housing opportunities for the Windsor area.